What is the usefulness of a Rotavaporador in a laboratory?

A Rotavaporador is an equipment that in general has different uses in laboratories and other areas of application; it serves to separate the basic components of a solid, by distillation and subsequent condensation; it can also be used as a multifunctional system in combination with a vacuum pump, a vacuum controller and circulation coolers.

Its usefulness in laboratories and the wide range ofapplications of this device means that its characteristics and advantages easily comply with a range of measurements with highly reliable performance, such as: evaporation processes, distillation, separation of chemical products, drying, extraction, recovery and quantification, among many other utilities depending on the area of application.

Utility of Rotavaporador in chemical laboratories

It is a widely used device for the effective and smooth removal of solvents from samples by evaporation; it is a basic operation in organic chemistry laboratories in the removal of a volatile organic solvent from a reaction mixture or a process such as liquid-liquid extraction; the advantage of using a Rotavaporator is that it turns out to be a faster and more convenient method is the use of Rotavaporator for distillation to reduced pressure.

In chemical investigations this method or technique through this equipment is used the name of rotary evaporator or say that the sample evaporates at reduced pressure; Rotary evaporation is applied more frequently and conveniently to separate low-boiling solvents, such as: m-hexane or ethyl acetate from compounds that are solid at room temperature and pressure.

Utility of the Laboratory Rotavaporator in the kitchen

Thisinstrument ย is commonly used in laboratories, it is currently part of the kitchens of great chefs who have innovated in gastronomy and have conducted research on the chemical reactions experienced by food; in some recipes of modern cuisine that innovate and investigate with new textures and culinary presentations.

In the kitchen the Rotavaporador meets the utility of evaporating substances, its process of distilling and then condensing, allows to experiment with different states boiling, freezing; which makes it possible to separate different components of matter; you can also manage to modify the smells of food and apply them to other different ingredients; You can also try different textures in food, giving ย thedishes that current and innovative touch.

Utility of laboratory ย rotavaporators in cocktails

In the bar we can also take advantage of the Rotavaporador, it is magical how you can extract the aromas of practically any substance and then apply them to our cocktail; we can extract infinite aromas and delicate flavors, we just have to place the mixture in the flask of the rotavapor and heat it in a bain-marie, at low pressure; this low pressure preserves the volatile aromatic substances contained in the samples practically intact.

The distillation process preserves all the aroma and flavor, and incredibly the best, fine and crystalline distilled with an intense but delicate flavor of our mixture are obtained; creating a space of innovation, development and pioneer to ย bartenders around the world, who have decided to take these laboratory techniques.

Utility of rotavaporator in the different industrial areas

It is used in different areas such as chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, research, experimentation industries; since the Rotavaporador is an equipment that facilitates the extraction of compounds more efficiently and quickly through its common distillation-condensation system, its function of separating a solvent from a sample, through distillation, allows utility in different areas.

In the pharmaceutical industry itextracts the main components of the different types of medicinal plants; in chemical and research industrial, it is used to separate chemical substances, in food industries for the preparation of juices, extracting the greatest amount of water.

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