Methods of Moisture Analysis in Ethyl Alcohol Distillation

The distillation of ethyl alcohol is a very important process in the liquor industry. Ethyl alcohol is the main component of liqueurs, and is produced from the fermentation of sugars. It also allows to separate alcohol from other compounds present in the liquid since it must be purified before use.

There are several methods to analyze the amount of ethyl alcohol present in a liquid and the most used is distillation by using infrared moisture analyzers, based on the fact that it evaporates more easily than other compounds present in the liquid.

Based on the above, Kalstein infrared moisture analyzers are fast and accurate. They can measure the moisture content of a sample in a matter of seconds, making them ideal for quality control in the alcohol distillation process.

Team Functions

An infrared moisture analyser is a quick and easy way to measure the alcohol content of a liquid. Infrared moisture analyzers work by shining infrared light through the liquid and measuring the amount of light that is absorbed. The more alcohol in the liquid, the more light will be absorbed.

It is recommended that to use an infrared moisture analyser, you simply place a sample of the liquid in the analyser and wait for the results. The results are normally shown in a digital reading in percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV).

The kits are very accurate and can be calibrated to measure specific alcohol levels. They are also quick and easy to use, making them a popular choice for measuring alcohol content in liquids.

Benefits of Use

Moisture analyzers are devices used to measure moisture content in various materials. There are many different types of moisture analyzers on the market, but one of the most popular is the infrared moisture analyser. They work by passing an infrared beam of light through the material being tested. The amount of light absorbed by the material is used to calculate the moisture content. They are usually very accurate and can be used to measure moisture levels in a variety of materials, including wood, paper and plastics.

In general, infrared moisture analysers are a great tool for measuring moisture content in a variety of materials. If you are on the market for a moisture analyser, be sure to consider a Kalstein brand infrared moisture analyser.

Kalstein brand Moisture Analyzers

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