The Versatility of the Operating Table

The Surgical Operations Desk, also called the operating table or operating table, is a vital surgical treatment assistance team. This table is usually installed in a surgery room and has the necessary equipment and items to facilitate a safe and successful surgical procedure. They are designed to provide patient comfort during the procedure, while providing the surgeon with a variety of tools to enable successful and safe surgery. Since the first trading desks were invented in the 19th century, they have been vastly improved and modernized, providing numerous benefits.

We at Kalstein offer you the most versatile tables that any medical unit would like to have, because they adapt to a variety of positioning requirements from different specific disciplines. You’ll always find the YR Series that suits your demands perfectly, no matter during ORL, ophthalmological, endoscopic or any other procedures.

Versatility and Efficiency

The surgical operating table facilitates quick access to the surgical field, improving the productivity of the surgeon while reducing operating periods. In addition to this, it provides an ergonomic and stable surface for the patient and the surgeon during the surgery process. This not only facilitates access to the surgical field, but also reduces the fatigue of the surgeon by not having to lift the patient on the table by spinning, extending the duration of the surgery and the possible damage to the patient.

In addition, today’s operating table is also equipped with precision features that allow surgeons to perform precise and efficient surgery. These features include support devices, abrasive claws, instrument holders, iron supports to hold wrists and ankles, and indispensable equipment such as X-rays, CT scanners, and imaging workstations. These devices allow surgeons to perform more precise surgical procedures and even give the surgeon the opportunity to experiment with more complicated surgical procedures.
Ultimately, it is the essential basic equipment for the surgeon. This table offers numerous essential benefits for a successful and safe surgical procedure.


The table operates as an ergonomic work area for the surgeon and the precise instruments on the table allow surgeons to perform precise surgical procedures. It also provides monitoring equipment to track the progress and condition of the patient during a surgical procedure. Overall, the safety and outcomes of surgical procedures have greatly improved, and the benefits they offer cannot be underestimated enough. In addition to versatility in settings and mobility, many tables now have interface technology to connect and control external equipment. These screens allow surgeons to view and interact with equipment in real time from the desk. This feature allows surgeons to work more precisely and make precise adjustments during procedures.

Finally, some have infrared and x-ray images. This technology is useful to help surgeons detect hidden tissues or injuries. This technology is also useful to ensure that procedures are done correctly and without damaging adjacent tissues.

Kalstein Brand Operations Desk

In this category, our users will find the appropriate accessories for all the equipment they want to use. This includes a wide selection of Operations Desk belonging to the YR series. They provide 25° / 25° Reverse Trendelenburg systems. 20° / 20° side tilt (right / left) and 90° / 90° head plate (up / down).

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