What is the importance of the Freezer Dryer?

The Food Freezer Dryer is a supply unit of low controlled temperatures that guarantee the consumer that the product stays within the temperature levels during production, preserving the quality, properties and characteristics. These machines are ideal for the production and conservation of food, to keep it fresh and have commercial life. The need with the use of these equipment is based on cold for storage phases that vary according to the nature of the food.Ā 

During the storage processes in the drying units, the unit is responsible for removing all the liquid from the food, freezing each one previously, separating the product containing them by evaporation, from there it works in vacuum situations all the frozen material. With the drying units offered by Kalstein, it allows food preservation very easily and easily, saves time in transporting food, and is applied with other means.Ā Ā 

Importance of the Freezer Dryer

Since antiquity it has been recorded that foods with high moisture content are the most perishable, so that the management of products are tools for conservation. The use of the Freezer Dryer is important because it reduces the weight and size of foods so that they are dehydrated at low temperatures and provide benefits to industrial sectors that implement the dehydration of food and make them into raw material for mixing and formula new products, such as dehydrated soups, fruits, cereals, etc.

Thus, with the use of the Freezer Dryer, the methods for preserving food at cold temperatures are:Ā 

  • Pre-cooling: it involves quick freezing to extend your life by preventing bacteria from growing to harm you.
  • Cooling: After pre-cooling, the product should store the temperature that starts from 0Ā°C and 8Ā°C at the temperature that reaches the bacterial growth.
  • Freezing: This is a process where temperatures should be lowered depending on the type of food and can be stored for much longer.
  • Over-cooling: These are methods of food hoarding by lowering the temperature below its freezing point but without ice formation.Ā 

Drying Processes

Drying processes are really interesting because they allow the refrigeration of the product not to lose the organoleptic properties, such as color, flavor, smell and texture, so that they can be stored and distributed. In addition, to comply with these processes, the cuts of food placed in the trays to dehydrate it are used to dry store vegetables, meats, fruits, that do not contain excessive moisture.

When water levels in the sample are lost, the microbial growth that degrades matter stops and the dried parts are stored in containers for a long time. That is why drying machines are so important, thanks to the large number of consumers in the food sectors and the potential advantages it offers, such as:

  • It makes it easier to store food for a long time.
  • Saves time and power.
  • Keeps saturated fats and sugars added to foods.
  • Preserves the nutritional properties of foods.
  • Intensifies flavors by concentrating, turning fruits into real treats.

Kalstein brand food freezer dryer

For the different commercial sectors, the use of the Freezer Dryer becomes the ideal equipment to dehydrate food and get rid of the moisture quantities of fruits, meats, vegetables and nuts through the circulation of cold air

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