Contamination Control with the Use of Laminar Flow Hoods

Contamination control in any laboratory environment is of utmost importance; modern technology has allowed laboratories to be much cleaner and safer to work in, at the same time allowing for better production and results, thus playing a key role in the advancement of science. 

One of the most important pieces of equipment used to control contamination in the laboratory are laminar flow hoods, also known as optical flow hoods or vertical flow hoods; these hoods are designed to create a unidirectional flow of clean air from the top of the unit to the bottom. 

Laminar flow hoods in turn allow the products developed to be safer and more scientifically reliable

These units are generally used in laboratories in which biological, pharmaceutical and chemical materials are handled, as well as in the food production industry.

Contamination is a common safety problem in laboratories due to exposure to gasses, toxic chemicals or raw materials that are hazardous to health if improperly handled; laminar flow hoods greatly assist in contamination control through the removal of airborne particles in the environment. 

Characteristics and types of laminar flow hoods for laboratories 

The equipment are constructed with a transparent cover and an air flow that is regulated by electric motors; the design forming the air flows are divided into four main classes: static, regular recirculated, variable recirculated and blown; the most common are the variable recirculated type, as they have a better capacity to offer good flow conditions in larger areas. 

These hoods generate a unidirectional flow through a screen at the top of the unit that pushes out contaminated air and the downward flow is replaced by clean air from the top of the unit; this creates a filtration “barrier” that separates contaminated air from clean air. 

Laminar flow hoods used in laboratories are excellent emergency equipment

In the pharmaceutical industry it is common to use them in situations where unexpected contamination may occur, such as in the handling of infectious materials. 

On the other hand, the vertical airflow generated by laminar flow hoods greatly aids in controlling the spread of pathogens by ensuring a safe working environment without compromising the safety of workers. 

Specialists should give priority to the purchase of a laminar flow hood for their laboratory, which will generate welfare, peace of mind and safety when performing any experiment 

This also helps to improve hygiene in the workplace by reducing the spread of pathogens or agents that may cause a health risk; laminar flow hoods are essential equipment for proper contamination control in all laboratories. 

In conclusion; these hoods allow equipment to be kept clean with an adequate air flow where microorganisms and air particles are eliminated, which guarantees a safe environment to work in thanks to the unidirectional flow.

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