Full-auto Hematology Analyzer YR05120

Manufacturer: Kalstein


The Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer model YR05120 is an advanced tool designed for clinical and research laboratories. This equipment features an individual probe channel that allows the analysis of 23 parameters, including three histograms, providing accurate and reliable results. Its 8.0″ color TFT LCD screen facilitates intuitive operation using a mouse, improving user efficiency. Additionally, the analyzer offers three counting modes: whole blood, pre-diluted blood, and peripheral blood, adapting to various clinical needs.

Among its standout features, the YR05120 includes a backwash, soaking, and high-voltage burning system to prevent blockages in the reading chamber. Its design with three doors makes maintenance easy, ensuring continuous operation without interruptions. This analyzer has a large memory capacity and allows the output of results in multiple formats, optimizing data management in the laboratory. The integrated thermal printer uses 55mm wide paper, allowing for quick and clear printing of results.

Market Price

The price of the Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer can vary depending on the supplier and additional features included in the purchase package. Generally, the price range for this type of equipment ranges between $5,000 and $15,000 USD. To obtain an exact and competitive price, we recommend requesting a quote through the Kalstein Plus platform, where you can compare different options and choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to analyze a sample?
    • The analyzer can process up to 30 samples per hour, meaning each analysis takes approximately two minutes.
  2. What type of samples can be used?
    • The device supports whole blood, pre-diluted blood, and peripheral blood samples, making it versatile for different types of analyses.
  3. What type of maintenance is required?
    • The analyzer includes backwash and high-voltage burning functions to keep the reading chamber free of blockages. Additionally, its three-door design facilitates access for regular maintenance.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • High precision and reliability of results.
  • Color LCD screen with intuitive operation.
  • Ability to analyze 23 different parameters.
  • Automatic maintenance system that extends the equipment’s lifespan.
  • Compatible with various data output formats.


  • Requires significant initial investment.
  • Need for training to handle the equipment properly.

Field Use

The Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer is ideal for use in clinical laboratories and research centers. Its ability to quickly process multiple samples makes it perfect for high-volume environments. Additionally, its versatility in sample types allows healthcare professionals to perform a variety of hematological analyses with a single device, improving operational efficiency.


To maximize the performance of the Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer, it is recommended to follow a regular maintenance plan, including cleaning and checking internal components. Additionally, training staff on the correct use of the equipment ensures accurate results and extends the device’s lifespan. Make sure to use high-quality reagents and consumables compatible with the YR05120 model to avoid technical problems and ensure the accuracy of the analyses.

Finally, if you are interested in purchasing this equipment, do not hesitate to request a quote through the Kalstein Plus platform. Here you can obtain detailed and personalized information that will allow you to make the best purchase decision.

Technical Specifications

Model: YR05120
Sample Volume: Prediluted:20uL;Whole Blood:9.8uL
Throughput: Up to 30 samples per hour
Display: 8.0″TFT color LCD with mouse operation
Alarms: Error messages
Input/Output: RS-232,USB,LAN,keyboard and mouse interface
Printout: “Thermal recorder,55mm width paper, various
Operating Environment: Temperature:15℃-35℃;Humidity:≤80%
Power Requirement: a.c.100-240V,50-60±1Hz
Dimension: L×W×H(mm): 468×325×395
Weight: 16.5Kg

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 52 × 48 × 61 cm

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