Internal Calibration Analytical Balance YR05568 // YR05572

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein


ย The YR05569 // YR05572 High Performance Balance Series includes analytical balances with the highest measurement performance. They are equipped with a highly integrated load cell that provides high stability, is not changed by temperature and time, and has a fast response capability due to reduced mass and reduced number of components.

The YR05569 // YR05572 balance has an automatic internal calibration function in standard configurations to ensure that measurements are always accurate and truly unaffected by ambient temperature changes.

The maximum weight of YR05569 // YR05572 series analytical balance is 310g/410g/510g/610g. All models feature backlit LCD displays and windshields that protect the large internal measuring chambers.

Each scale is equipped with an RS232 output interface.

  • Internal calibration
  • LCD(White back light with black font)
  • One key/Time trigger internal calibration
  • Electromagnetic force sensor
  • Glass draft shield with 3 sliding doors for easy access to the items being weighed
  • Tare function/Counting/Percentage
  • Unit conversion(g/mg/ct/oz)…
  • Sensitivity/Speed set
  • Overload alarm/Fault alarm/Level indicator
Option: Static Eliminator
Technical Data
  • Range drift (+10โ€ฆ +30ยฐC): +/โ€“ 2ppm/ยฐC
  • Dimensions: lengthร—widthร—height (mm): 345ร—215ร—345
  • Weighing room size: length ร— width ร— height (mm): 162 ร— 171 ร— 225
  • External electronic box size: length ร— width ร— height (mm): 175 ร— 105 ร— 50 (mm), weight 500 grams
  • Power supply 110-230 Vac, 50/60 Hz: output 24 V / 500 mA / 13 VA
  • Net weight: 7 kg
Optional Accessories
  • ION-A15 Static Eliminator
  • Balance plate system. USB version (BL0329) or Bluetooth version (BL0330)
  • DPP-250-BT Bluetooth printer for system (AC013)
  • TLP-50 serial printer with date/time (C054)
  • DPP-250 serial printer (AC007)
  • STAT serial printer with statistical function (AC022)
  • Alphanumeric external keyboard (AC005)
  • Serial to USB converter (E1002)
  • Serial cable for serial output to printer or computer (E743)
  • Factory calibration certificate (BL0333)
Technical Specifications
Modelย  YR05568 YR05569 YR05570 YR05571 YR05572
Calibration Internal / External Calibration
Capacity (g) 220 g 310g 410g 510g 610g
Resolution (g) 0.1mg
Min weighing (g) 0.4mg
Stable Time โ‰ค4s
Display LCD(white back light with black font)
Pan size ฮฆ80mm
Operation temp 5-35โ„ƒ
Repeat ability 0.1mg if weight โ‰ค 220gย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย 0.3 mg from 220g to 310gย  ย  ย  ย  ย  0.35mg from 310g to 610g
Liner ยฑ 0.5mg
Draft shield size 162mmร—171mmร—225mm
Cal.weight External๏ผˆInternal๏ผ‰ Calibration
Interface RS232C(Standard)/RS485/Printer(Optional)
Dimension 345ร—215ร—345mm
N . weight 7ย kg

Additional information

Weight 8,3 kg
Dimensions 51 × 54 × 76 cm

YR05568, YR05569, YR05570, YR05571, YR05572

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