Recirculating Chiller YR02302 // YR02305

Fabricant: Kalstein

Product Description

This compact cooler is particularly designed for rotary evaporators at the laboratory scale. It is reasonably structured with a small footprint, which can be placed on a bench or on the ground.

  • The traffic joint nozzle can be rotated at 360 °, which facilitates the connection with the corollary equipment
  • All parts in contact with the refrigerant are made of 304 stainless steel and macromolecular anti-corrosive material
  • The world-renowned brand compressor ensures high reliability
Model YR02302 YR02303 YR02304 YR02305
Operating temperature range -10-25°C
temperature stability ± 2°C
Power supply 220-240V-, 50Hz 3-, 380V, 50Hz
Filling volume of bath liquid (L) 10 17 30 40
Cooling capacity (W) 1000@15″C 2000@15″C 3000@15″C 6000@15″C
Refrigerant R134a
Circulation pump flow 7L/min 16L/min
pressure (bar) 1-10
Pipe connection size 1 / 2″
Dimensions (mm) 435W x 6900 x 720H 465W x 6900 x 820H 495W x 7600 x 860H 650W x 1055D x 1070H
Net weight / kg) 73 86 108 195

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR02302, YR02303, YR02304, YR02305


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