Thermal Cyclers YR01870

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein


The YR01870 nucleic acid extractor uses the proven magnetic bead method to extract highly purified nucleic acid from a wide range of sample types relevant to molecular diagnostics, genetic identity testing, forensics, biomedical research and gene expression analysis. The combination of easy-to-use instruments with a selection of preloaded protocols and magnetic bead-based sample preparation kits packed with unique reagents ensures rapid nucleic acid extraction and highly purified products.

Product features


Reliable results you can trust:

With magnetic bead-based extraction kits with preloaded design, experimenters need only one step to initiate extraction, which greatly minimizes manual errors and ensures high nucleic acid purity.
More efficient extraction process: When placed with preloaded extraction reagents,32 nucleic acid samples for COVID DNA can be extracted in 15 minutes (extraction time varies from reagent to reagent).

More comfortable with two configurations:

Stand-alone configuration: machine keypad operation;
Control APP configuration: cloud-enabled control via Android smartphones/tablets.

Effective pollution control measures:

With the unique sample cross-contamination control system and UV disinfection function, cross-contamination can be minimized.
Simple and extraordinary software:With the convenient Android-based software, you can set up and start a protocol with just a few clicks on your phones/tablets.The user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it simple even for the first-time user.

Technical specifications:
Model YR01870
Throughput 32
Processing Volume 30-1000mL
Recommended Sample Volume 200uL
Magnetic Bead Residue ยฃ1%
Suitable Consumables 96-well plates, 6- tube strips
Heating Temperature Lysis heating: room temperature to 120ยฐC
Elution heating: room temperature to 120ยฐC
Mixing Mode Optional multi-modes and multi-gears for mixing
Reagent Type Magnetic beads-based extraction kits
Operation Mode A. Cloud-enabled control via smart phones/tablets (Android)
B. Machine keypad operation
Experimental Storage Up to >500 groups of programs saved in the Android app
Up to 15 groups of programs saved in device
Program Management Programs can be created, edited, applied and deleted with high flxibilit
Contamination Control Built-in UV disinfection module
Power Failure Protection Choose freely whether or not to continue the experiment when the power is on again after cutting off
Connection port type USB. Ethernet, USB Type-B
Network Connection Cloud-enabled control on smart phone/tablet
Instrument Dimensions 435mmx440mmx445mm (WxLxH)
Weight 31.5kg (net)
Power Supply AC 100-240V. 50/60+1Hz: 600w
Operating temperature range 10~30ยฐC
Operating humidity range 20%-85%

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 67 × 58 × 58 cm

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