Light Box Color Evaluation Cabinets: What is your utility?

The color evaluation cabinet is a tool that allows simulating from different light principles, the objective evaluation of shades at any time and from any perspective. The cabinets are equipped with 5 light sources, which have the consistency of light sources and provide excellent viewing scenarios, to take reliable critical color measurements under constant lighting.

The color evaluation cabinet is applicable for industries that require color difference testing, and provides users with the ideal color combination, whether for graphic arts, photography, textile, dyeing, packaging, printing, leather industries, inks, knitted genres, plastic, automotive and ceramics.

Color Assessment Techniques in a Light Box

For the study of colors, through the use of evaluation cabinets, standardized techniques are used to make the process reliable, where the participation of light, the observer and the object to evaluate, become fundamental pillars in its development. In this sense, the light source is important for the study, as it determines the luminescence, among them is: D65 Day Light, TL84, Cool White Fluorescent CWF, Incandescent A light, etc.

In this way, the user, through observation, can control the tool based on the elements provided by the light boxes, to understand the physical presentation of the object to be studied, ensuring consistency and objectivity, preventing it from being affected by the change of natural or artificial lighting.

In this sense, through the proper handling of light, increases in the efficiency and productivity of evaluation cabinets can be achieved, to stimulate visual attraction to certain objects or spaces.

Influence of Colors on Light Box

The illuminance or amount of light energy through the light boxes, for the human eye, influences the distribution of energy in the different wavelengths of the spectrum, to have a good color reproduction, light must have sufficient energy in all them.

For this reason, the color evaluation box provides uniform and standardized viewing environments to evaluate color variations and discover lighting sources.

For the effectiveness of light boxes, it is necessary that there are differences in color, lighting, light and shadow, etc. to be able to perceive any object. It is therefore recommended that:

  • The environment should have an adequate level of lighting.
  • Apply a single luminaire type and mark (spotlights or fluorescents) to prevent color differentiation of the light source.
  • Do not exceed the use of the evaluation box, because it can cause variations in hue and hue.
  • Keep samples and color charts properly.

In short, the higher the contrast, the greater the differentiation between objects; however, the excessive contrast in one space, can cause glare, due to the large difference in illumination between the light source and the surrounding space.

Kalstein Brand Color Evaluation Box

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