What are the Functions of a Bacti-Cinerator?

The use of lighters was the ideal equipment for sterilization within the laboratory. But today, with the existence of the Bacti-Cinerator, it became the appropriate instrument to disinfect the handles used in laboratories.

With the innovative instrument, it is avoided to break the air flows inside the cabins, causing risks to the personnel operating it and including explosions.

In this sense, the Bacti-Cinerator works through an infrared system without gas, avoiding dangerous splashes of microorganisms by infrared heat during sterilization operations, contaminated loops and needles, reaching a maximum temperature of 1500ยบF (815.6ยบC) in 10mn, after ignition. The Bacti-Cinerator is not designed for use with scalpels, forceps or any sharp object. The use of such objects may cause the equipment to malfunction.

Functions and Instructions of use of the Bacti-Cineerator

Sterilization, achieved through infrared heat without dangerous microorganism splashes, is structured as follows:

  • Resistance, where it withstands the high temperatures of sterilization.
  • Red Light Indicator
  • Green Light Indicator
  • Switch
  • Electrical cable
  • Fuse

To operate the equipment, the user must comply with instructions for its operation, which are:

  • Connect the power cord to the appropriate outlet. It must be grounded.
  • The red indicator light will come on when the switch is in the โ€œHighโ€ position and the heating is about 20 min. If the unit maintains the sterilization temperature (825ยฐC) for three hours, turn the switch to the โ€œLow” position for half an hour, then turn the switch to the โ€œHigh” position again.
  • Turn off the equipment when not in use, to preserve the life of the resistance.
  • Avoid scratching the sides of the resistor to ensure the durability of the resistor and the handle. The handle must remain within the resistance for a minimum of five seconds.
  • Insulating supports should only be used when inoculation handles or needles are inserted into the resistance.
  • The equipment is not intended for use with scalpels, forceps or any sharp object. The use of such objects may cause the equipment to malfunction and void the warranty.
  • Handles and needles should not remain in the incinerator for long periods of time, because this will cause increased wear.

Importance of the Bacti-Cinerator

Bacti-cinerator is a device of great importance for laboratories, to carry out solutions and disinfections of inorganic compounds. It is designed with a cylindrical cavity, bordered with embedded heating ducts, in a thermally insulating matrix. Temperature is controlled through the feedback of a thermocouple, useful for transfer experiments allowing a user interface to program segments, for uses such as gradual increase, soaking or sintering, among others.

This equipment, is used in laboratories, for a quick, simple, safe sterilization, and with less risk of contamination, replacing the lighters. Its action is carried out for different materials, such as inoculation handles, inoculated needles, tweezers, among others.

They also have advantages throughout the incineration process, avoiding the aerosolization of materials present in bacteriological loops. They can also be used inside biological safety cabins, unlike lighters, as these alter air flows and are contraindicated.

Bacti-Cinerador brand Kalstein

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