Child phototherapy: can it bring complications?

Although infant phototherapy treatment is the recommended solution when newborns present a severe jaundice, which can be caused by various specific situations, this treatment has some effects in patients, so it is essential the supervision of medical personnel, in order to assess and intervene before these possible complications. Complications of phototherapy do not have recognized long-term side effects, so it is considered a safe method, and any side effects or health complications disappear after the suspension of the treatment, this understanding that this therapy will be recommended by physicians prior to exams and conditions that have a justified cause, thus avoiding the excesses of duration and its unnecessary use. Complications in the treatment of childhood phototherapy.
  • Some direct complications of phototherapy are aqueous diarrhea, affecting the intestinal transit, due to the presence of unconjugated bilirubin in the intestine and a higher concentration of bile salts.
  • Dehydration due to loss of liquids, due to increased insensitive losses of up to 40% water and increased due to exposure of the phototherapy lamp.
  • A complication that the baby has is the syndrome of a tanned child related to the retention of phototherapy products, which produces a color that can progress to a dark grayish-brown color, also at the level of urine and serum.
  • If the baby's eyes are not protected and the light directly impacts them, damage to the retina may occur, causing premature aging due to the loss of cones and canes.

Recommendations when applying the child phototherapy

Some of the complications mentioned above can be avoided by following a series of simple steps, and are based on following them in neonatal units:ย 
  • Cover the baby's eyes with a dark cloth, to prevent damage to the retina.
  • Change the position of the child every 4-6 hours.
  • The newborn should have all of his or her skin exposed to light from phototherapy, however, he or she may use a disposable diaper, to protect his or her intimate part.ย 
  • Because phototherapy metabolizes bilirubin, medical staff should conduct blood bilirubin blood tests every 6 to 12 hours for those haemolytic jaundice and 12 to 24 hours for non-haemolytic jaundice.ย 
  • Check the body temperature every 6 hours to detect possible overheating.
  • Babies weighing less than 10% of their birth should be kept hydrated and under surveillance.ย 
  • Do not use the phototherapy treatment in cases where he drinks present liver disease or obstructive jaundice, verify not to perform the technique in values of direct bilirubin greater than 20% of the total.
  • To prevent overheating, the phototherapy tubes should be placed 8-10 cm above the incubator cover.

Characteristics Incubators of Child Phototherapy brand KALSTEIN

  • The unit has a stable heating environment for use by newborn patients in the NICU. Widely applicable in all hospitals and clinics and optimized for premature deliveries or for some term sick babies.
  • Intuitive temperature display with advanced thermoregulation system for caregivers, which also accurately monitors humidity between 40% and 80% RH within incubators.
  • The microprocessor servocontroller ensures precise and reliable temperature control
  • Set temperature, monitored air temperature, and baby's skin temperature and heating power are distinguished on the screen
  • > 37 โ„ƒ ย override temperature function
  • Self-test function for affirmative security.
  • Audible and visible alarm indications for multiple failures with 3 priorities
  • Chord alarm notes feed more than 20 feet, but leave the baby asleep without interruption.
  • Aluminum structure to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Continuous adjustment of mattress inclination up to 10ยบ
  • The drawer water tank is easily removable for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Natural air circulation system.
  • Wardrobe closet
  • RS-232 connector
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